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Jacqui Sandor is a multi-instrumentalist who grew up in the Seattle, WA area and studied music in New Orleans, LA. She has toured the country playing folk music, and played to small rooms and festival-sized audiences.

“Multi-instrumentalist Jacqui Sandor exhibits a soulful vocal quality that blends well with whatever instrument or other voices she sings with. Her soulful timbre and vibrato, distantly reminiscent of her New Orleans influence, fit straight in with her material whether it be a fine ‘ol folk song or seamlessly harmonizing with her Irish/Celtic bandmates.”

-67 Celtic Music Productions


She performs in various settings in different ways. If the crowd is listening, she can tell you the histories of the songs she’s singing, and make people think, laugh, and cry. If the crowd wants to dance, my goodness that can happen as well. Many an Irish toast has been delivered by her hand.

Please check out the Folk Music Blog, where the histories of certain songs are written out by her, and Rowdy Maggie, her lovable and fun Irish folk stage persona turned political YouTuber. (Politics generally do not come out in the pubs, however folk music is inherently political and thus on occasion it does happen).

Jacqui’s current music teaching resume:


Jacqui would love to come perform in your venue, talk about folk music, or make your crowd dance. Reach out below:


Phone: 425.999.4410