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Yeah so, I guess I committed to putting out one song every day because I got excited that Song 1 was ‘Song with a Color in the Title’ and I always always jam out to Long Black Veil as my warmup song, so I quickly recorded it and thus committed myself to making thirty videos in thirty days.

I’ll just… link them here. For funsies.

Day 1: Song with Color in the Title
Day 2: Song with Number in the Title
Day 3: Song that Reminds You of Summertime
Day 4: Song that Reminds You of Someone You’d Rather Forget
Day 5: Song that Needs to be Played Loud
Day 6: Song that Makes You Want to Dance
Day 7: Song to Drive to
Day 8: Song about Drugs or Alcohol
Day 9: Song that Makes You Happy
Day 10: Song that Makes You Sad
Day 11: Song you Never Get Tired of
Day 12: Song from PreTeen Years
Day 13: Song from the 70s
Day 14: Song for a Wedding
Day 15: Song that’s a Cover (so… I cover a cover?)
Day 16: Song that’s a Classic Favorite
Day 17: Song that You’d Duet With in Karaoke
Day 18: Song from the Year You Were Born
Day 19: Song that Makes You Think About Life
Day 20: Song that Has Many Meanings to You
Day 21: Song with a Person’s Name in the Title
Day 22: Song that Moves You Forward
Day 23: Song Everybody Should Listen to
Day 24: Song By a Band You Wish Were Still Together
Day 25: Song You Like by an Artist No Longer Living
Day 26: Song that Makes You Want to Fall in Love
Day 27: Song that Breaks Your Heart
Day 28: Song By an Artist Whose Voice You Love
Day 29: Song You Remember From Your Childhood
Day 30: Song that Reminds You of Yourself