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Author: Jacqui Sandor


Yeah so, I guess I committed to putting out one song every day because I got excited that Song 1 was ‘Song with a Color in the Title’ and I always always jam out to Long Black Veil as my warmup song, so I quickly recorded it and thus committed myself to making thirty videos in thirty days. I’ll just… link them here. For funsies.

Happy 2020

This year has been a challenge on so many levels, but it does feel like I’ve come back to myself in a healthy way and I’m so grateful for everyone who has believed in me and trusted me to come back to the music world.

Songwriter Showcase

My friend Dee and I have been ogling each other’s music for a very long time. When the opportunity came up to play together (even with a very short two week lead time) we both jumped for it. Following is the debut of our duo. Keep following for more info on our music.