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You can also hear my Halloween creepy EP, creEPy, on Pandora, iTunes, and… well anywhere CDBaby distributes stuff. HERE IS THE PANDORA LINK


Jacqui makes videos as Rowdy Maggie: CLICK HERE FOR RM’s CHANNEL

Below – two tracks from creEPy.

The video below was filmed on the final day of the Ocean Shores Celtic Music Festival. Jacqui plays fiddle to Kevin McCormack’s version of “Rocky Road to Dublin”, while members of the Stout Pounders sit in.


Rowdy Maggie’s first official EP release was in October of 2020. Four creepy songs. If you want to hear them you can start with this link: PANDORA
Jacqui played bass and sang vocals on Irish balladeer Kevin McCormack’s debut album, An Emigrant’s Letter. Click here to check it out.
Jacqui lent her voice to the Post Alley Stompers. Click here for a playlist.