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Wash Yer Damn Hands

Y’all things are getting weird. Here’s a song that could literally (LITERALLY) save your damn life.

I was also lucky enough to be included in a list of other awesome Seattle-area musicians on the AudioFemme blog in this collection of songs written for/about the Corona stuff. Read it by clicking here!

Lyrics below the video:

LYRICS for those curious:

How’s it goin dear millennial besides the things you see outside? Did you think it could get worse yet when you marched in last year’s Pride? I hear your ten-year old car’s dying like that void you feel inside. Tho you lucky duck, you finally got hired on part-time.

You haven’t been to see a dentist in, oh God it’s been ten years, and the media’s praying on the idiocracy’s fears. I heard your app match ghosted on you, and the Nazis march again. But right now you’re still alive so WASH YER DAMN HANDS